60 Pcs Avocado Collagen Mask Natural Moisturizing Gel Eye Patches Remove Dark Circles Anti Age Bag Eye Wrinkle Skin Care


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1.Avocado and collagen can help repair damaged skin and replenish water, making skin smooth and soft.
2.It locks in moisture, helps to improve the water shortage around the eyes, and moisturizes the skin around the eyes, making the skin smooth and supple.
3.Deeply moisturizes, improves dark circles, bags under the eyes, reduce fine lines on the eyes, and makes eyes skin more delicate and elastic.
4.Remove fine lines and Wrinkles around your eyes, regenerates skin cells, protects the skin from wrinkles formation and slows the aging process with the conditioning properties of collagen.
5.Improve eye skin elasticity and deeply moisturize eye skin.



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