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Acne Treatment korean Facial Kit Serum Eye Cream Fresh Sunscreen

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Step 1

●Take an appropriate amount of the cleanser on the palm, foam it with water.
●Apply the foam evenly on the face then massage the skin from inside to outside in circular motions to deanse your skin.
●Rinse the face with clean water, then start with the skincare steps.

Step 2

●After cleansing, take proper amount of the toner on the palm and pat slightly on the face and neck until it is absorbed.
■Use the cotton pads or soaked mask paper to make the m

Step 3

■Take an appropriate amount of eye cream and apply it around the eyes (as shown in the picture).
■Use fingers to apply the eye cream evenly towards the temple, massage until it is absorbed and lift up.

Step 4

■(After cleansing,) apply the serum evenly on the whole face and neck.
■Massage your skin gently untilit is absorbed.

Step 5

● Take proper of the lotion on the palm and apply it on the whole face
● Massage your skin gently until it is absorbed

Step 5

● Take proper amount of the cream on the palm.
● Apply it on the whole face and massage your skin until it is absorbed.


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