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AUQUEST Eye Cream Anti Dark Circle Skin Care Niacinamide Whitening Dark Skin Eyes Serum Fine Line Eye Bags Cream Beauty Health

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The Ultra-Glowing Eye Cream is specifically designed to diminish dark circles in the under-eye area and smooth the skin around the eyes.

Our eye cream is characterised by the fact that it is enriched with 2 ingredients that are effective in reducing skin pigmentation, namely Niacinamide and Arbutin.Arbutin can inhibit active tyrosinase in skin cells while niacinamide can steadily whiten skin. The whitening factors can block melanin from the source to prevent dark circles from forming and improve congenital dark circles.

Suitable for the following types of dark circles: congenital dark circles, dark circles after a long night's sleep, vascular dark circles, pigmented dark circles

 Combined with Vitamin E, an antioxidant ingredient, it slows down skin aging, eliminates dark circles while reducing the appearance of fine lines and smoothing the skin around the eyes.

Finally, with the highly hydrating ingredients of sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera extract, it reduces skin irritation and sensitivity, leaving skin fresh and moisturised throughout the day.Sodium hyaluronate a hydrator found naturally in the skin recognized by dermatologists that binds to water and holds it within skin's surface for more supple, smooth skin



Item Types: Eye Skin Care

Item Name: Ultra Glowing Whitening Eye Cream

Net Weight: 20g

Main Ingredient: Niacinamide,Arbutin,Vitamin E,Sodium Hyaluronate,Aloe Vera Extract


Anti dark circles,fade dark circle;

Whitening dark skin under the eye,Evenly skin tone;

Reduce fine lines,Smoothing Skin


1. Squeeze cherry-sized of eye cream on ring finger and evenly apply on the skin under eyes;

2. Gently tap the skin with your fingertip to help absorption.

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