Skin Care Oil-control Anti-Aging Depth Replenishment Whitening Face Masks


Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask Moisturizing Hydration Skin Care Oil-control Anti-Aging Depth Replenishment Whitening Face Masks
Product: Hyaluronic Hydrating Facial Mask 

Specification: 25g/piece, 10piece/box

Ingredients: Seaweed extract, aloe extract, betaine, hydrolyzed rice extract, sodium hyaluronate, etc

Suitable skin: All kinds of skin

Effects: Moisturizing, smooth, firm and tender

Shelf life: 3 years

For external use only, avoid contacting with eyes and damaged skin.
Keep away from infants and children.

How to use :
STEP1: After cleansing the face with clean water, take out the mask.
STEP2: Unfold the mask and apply to the skin.
STEP3: Use it for 15-20 mins take the mask off.
STEP4: Pat the facial skin gently with your hands to fully absorb the remaining essence.


A sheet mask contains high concentrations of active ingredients to provide an intense solution for harder to fix skin-care problems, but there are several steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your skin-care routine. Length of time and frequency is directly correlated with how well the hydrogel will be able to hold onto any active ingredients in it. If a conditioning agent like hyaluronic acid or other super moisturizing ingredient is added or a heavier oil, the hydrating masks should be applied






The Rich moisturizing combination of ingredients in the seaweed mask and the hyaluronic acid provides a long-lasting, nutritive benefit to wrinkle and aging skin that is distinct. You’ll enjoy the texture and intense aroma that emanates from the real seaweed from Korea: feel soft and smooth while leaving your face renewed. Mature and dehydrated skin will drink up every drop!

Instructions: 1. After face wash and toner, apply the sheet on clean skin with “sticky side” facing downwards. 2. Rub finger gently and press 3~4 times for better absorption.(Avoid eyes and lips) 3. Remove it in 10~15mins after take off mask from upper to down slowly Peel smoothly upward if necessary, easy to remove but please be carefully . 4. Wash your face or apply night moisturizer after removal for better effects Note: • Avoiding direct


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