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Skin Repair Whitening Cream Dark Spot Remover For Face Skin Care Scar Removal Cream Stretch Marks Removal Acne Scars

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BREYLEE Scar Removal Cream Stretch Marks Removal Acne Scars Skin Repair Whitening Cream Dark Spot Remover For Face Skin Care

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Product Description:

Lightens & Removes Scars – BREYLEE acne scar removal cream is an intensive solution for scars, acne, cuts, stretch marks, C-sections, and surgeries. The old and new scars will fade away gradually.

Our advanced formula is rich in herbal extracts and Epidermal Growth Factor, it can soft, sooth, and repair skin, enhances the skin elasticity, improve the overall appearance of skin, and color of scars.


Skin Repair / Scar Remover / Acne Treatment / Fade Stretch Marks

It can promote the growth of multiple cells in epidermis cell tissue, thereby earning it the name ‘the factor of beauty’ among scientists. It can also accelerate the regeneration of cells, making it effective in treating scars left by trauma and burns.

Product name:BREYLEE Ance Scar Removal Cream

Specifications:1.06 fl oz

Ingredients:Water,Glycerol,Allantoin,Phenoxyethanol,Carbomer,Hyaluronic acid,Triethanolamine ,Trehalose ,Nicotinamide ,Portulaca oleracea extract,Lavandula  extract,Centella asiatica extract,Fucose,Arbutin ,Epidermal Growth Factor


1. The product should be applied to a healed skin surface.

2. In case of sensitive skin, please test the product at the back of the ears first. Proceed to use it as normal if there is no discomfort.

3. If such abnormalities as rash, swelling, itching and allergy occur in use or after use, please immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor. Due to the serious damage to the soft tissue of skin, it cannot be completely repaired by itself and replaced by fibrous tissue. Therefore, scars will be formed after the repair is completed.Visibly reduces appearance of scars

Softens the stratum corneum and diminishes hypertrophic scars

Effective prevention

Prevents proliferative scarring during wound healing process

Repairing and regeneration

Removes pigmentation and promotes cell regeneration


Herbal extract does not irritate the skin

We will send out the BREYLEE Ance Cream randomly because of the different production batch.

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China, Russian Federation


Scar Removal Cream


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